Restaurant Growth Hacks

About Revenue Growth Hacks
We help restaurants increase Foot Traffic and Brand Awareness on-demand, with tracking. Our promise to you - "We'll give you measurable results and nurture your clients so they keep coming back to your restaurant."

Our company is based in Phoenix, Arizona. Our founders are entrepreneurs who have built successful multi-unit franchises in multiple concepts.

They have spent time and resources on experimenting with multiple marketing strategies to grow their stores (from scratch) and understand the nuances of each one of them. They have identified the winning formula that focuses on acquiring & retaining new customers. Branding then becomes just an icing-on-the-cake. They deeply care about costs and understand that social media "likes" aren't going to cut down labor and food costs.

Preet Saini, CEO & Founder of the company has an MBA and M.S. CS, and has in the past worked for fortune 100 companies. So he understands both worlds - large corporations with seemingly unlimited resources to throw at a problem vs. a small business owner with extremely tight resources, constantly hustling to survive and thrive.

We work with both small (including new) and large restaurant operators - franchised or independently owned. The common thread among our clients is that they strongly believe in hustling and advertising. We help them by delivering an advertising system that is the best bang for their buck.

“Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.” – Henry Ford
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